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Han'kovytsya – 175
Svalyavskyi rayon, Zakarpatska obl.
GPS: N 48.60110, E 23.0448

About us 

If you travel in Carpathians, go west or come home, motel-restaurant “Chalet” is always ready to lodge you. 


It’s located at the 738th kilometer motorways Kyiv - Chop, after 2 bridges over the river Latoritca.

In earlier times, french word «chalet» meant alpine country house of stones and wood for persons of all sorts and covering of herdsmen with cattle as well. 

Stylish motel-restaurant will take you in that time, when there were neither satellite dishes nor mobile phones, but when people could just sit by the fireplace, enjoy sunrise and sunset and understand the language of animals and plants.

But in your case «Chalet» is also a comfortable stay of guests, who can warm themselves by our peculiar mulled wine «Tyrol» and taste delicious national dishes.


Our law is to be respectful for old traditions and that’s why our establishment differs from any other modern restaurants and cafes.



To dinner or to the supper you will be able to order the bottle of wine from winy collection of restaurant, by the being " sparkle" of our establishment. Our collection counts over 1000 bottles, with geography from native Zakarpattya to New Zeland.

We offer you to rest in the comfortable rooms. At your service there are 4 double rooms, 2 family rooms (quad rooms) and 5 two-level wooden cottages with all conveniences. 


Every room has soft spacious bed, shower, wardrobe, satellite TV, telephone, Wi-Fi internet and hairdryer.


In «Chalet» you can have a good night's rest, have a breakfast with aromatic coffee and continue your trip.

In hot summer day you can hide yourself from the heat, drinking cool beer. 



Our establishment is located by the river Latoritca so after driving, while waiting for your order, you can stretch your legs walking up the wooden walkway along the river's bank.


Visit «Chalet» and there will be more pleasant and unforgettable memories of your journey.

P.S. In 2008, afew scenes of the continuation of Russian-Ukrainian series «Milkmaid from Hatsapetovka» directed by Pavel Snisarenkowere shot at our motel.  

Look at «Chalet» in the light of the camera prism.