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Han'kovytsya – 175
Svalyavskyi rayon, Zakarpatska obl.
GPS: N 48.60110, E 23.0448


Dear guests!


Welcome to our restaurant! It’s a place, where the most delicious home cooking is combined with pleasant recreation atmosphere.  

We offer a big variety of dishes of Ukrainian andAustro-Hungariancuisine. You will taste sour cream banosh, tokan with sheep chese, baked in lard potato, dumplings and other dis

hes of the traditional Transcarpathian cuisine.  

Our qualified cooks can do Hungarian bograch, chovlent and bob-levesh, Wiener strudel, and many other regales, which are usual within the Transcarpathian region, but new bey ond of it.


In warm days we invite you to take a breath of fresh air in the green place, to listen to the babble of the brook, to enjoy delicious food including grill, cool live beer and relaxing music.


We bake lambs on the spits every spring and summer weekend. You may have a walk in the terrace over the river Latoritsa and enjoy amazing view from the


 There are 2 halls in our restaurant, it can serve 60 people and it is open 24 h.

 Welcome to “Chalet” and find out a lot about traditions (not just culinary) of the famous Trancarpathia.