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Han'kovytsya – 175
Svalyavskyi rayon, Zakarpatska obl.
GPS: N 48.60110, E 23.0448

Silver Land - Zakarpattya

Transcarpathia is a unique region, which is located in the very heart of European continent, between Carpathian mountains and river Tisza.
Here you can find wild nature and ancient culture of our ancestors, in stone castles lives the spirit of the Middle Ages. 
For modern urbanized world it’s almost a miracle.

 of St. Nikolay
Castle "St. Miklos" in Chinadiyovo
Beregovo and thermal swimming pool

Wine cellars in the Serednye village 

Discover this wonderful place!

Church of St. Nikolay 

 Church of St. Nikolai is situated in the village Kolodno  (Tyachiv area). It is an architectural monument which was built in 1470 and reconstructed in XVIII cent. This church is the masterpiece of wooden architecture.

The iconostasis was made in the middle of XVII cent. and in 1737 artist Illya from Hust renovated it.

In the Soviet times this church was a museum. Nowadays there are no religious services in the church of St. Nicolay because another large stone church was built in Kolodno.

Soon the church of St. Nicolay will be restored.

Castle "St. Miklos" in Chinadiyovo

Castle in Chinadiyovo was built in XIV cent. From the Hungarian "St. Miklos" means Saint Nikolay. The fortress has only two corner towers and meter-thick stone walls. In 167

0 themagnificent building becomes the property of a noble family Rakoczy.

There is a version that legendary defender of Mukachevo castle "Palanok" Ilona Zrini (wife of Prince Rakoczy I) first saw here her  beloved Hungarian count Imre Tekeli. In this castle, they secretly met each other and that is why Chinadiyovsku fortress became known as the Castle of Love.

Local artist Yosyf Bartos tells this beautiful and romantic story(nobody knows whether it is a true storyora legend) to allarrivingtourists.

During World War II, the Nazis converted the castle into a prison, and in Soviet times, it was usedas the soviet of the village and a warehouse.

Now Chinadiyovsky castle has been brought to life again and here there are several museum expositions. Neighbouring Hungary helped a lot in restoring of the c

astle interiors.

Beregovo and thermal swimming pool

Beregovo is famous for its great history and culture, original architecture of houses and beautiful churches. Almost half of the population are ethnic Hungarians. 

There are monuments to such figures of literature and art as Sándor Petőfi, Lajos Kossuth, Gabriel Bethlen and Gyula Illyés. At one time each of them visited Beregovo. There are memorial plaques to many writers, political figures as well.

There is a Beregovo museum, which houses more than 2 000 museum pieces. One of the most attractive place is open-air thermal swimming pool (water of 38°C comes from the borehole 1000 metres deep).

At the same time there are several swimmingcomplexes and swimming baths with thermal water in Beregovo, that makes this place very attractivefor tourists.

You shouldn’t doubt whether to go to this old thranscarpathian town or not. You are always welcome.

Wine cellars in the Serednye village

This village is located in 20 km from Uzhgorod. There are 2 historical and architectural monuments here which attract tourists: wine cellars of XVI cent. and ruins of the medieval castle.

Cellars were dug by the Turks, captured by the Hungarians during the defense of Eger fortress in 1552. They hollowed four and a half kilometres of passages with picks. At first cellars were used as shelters from enemies, from XVIII cent. people began to store wine there.

Wines from these cellars were sent to famous and crowned figures from Europe. In 1711 Russian tsar Petr І tasted it and then bought vineyards in Serednye, which later were called “tsar's vineyards”. Wines from bunches of grapes from Serednye were delivered to Petersburg the whole year round.

Commercial production of wine in Serednye survived until now. The biggest wine wood in the cellar is designed for 10,594 litres.

Through the capillaries of the bedrock of volcanic origin fresh air always penetrates to caves,  this is very important for wine ripening. That is why wine from Serednye is one of the best in Ukraine.